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Athlete Support Program

Sponsorship / Support Guidelines



Arctic Ease encourages athletes of all different skill levels to apply for support with our team. We look at several factors when determining if an athlete will be a good fit for our team and the Arctic Ease brand. Some of these factors include things like a positive attitude, during and outside of competition, hard work ethic, dedication, event results, etc. Support and sponsorship is a privilege and must be earned. All athletes must present a clean appearance and professional attitude at all times. Please keep in mind that we receive thousands of sponsorship applications and that there are only a limited number of support/sponsorship programs available.



Resumes will be reviewed and accepted until April 1st, of the current year
Follow all steps below to be considered!



Please submit the following AND email a resume to Arctic Ease at



• All of your contact information. (First and last name, current age, address, phone, and email)
• List your Sport, Classes, Skill Level, and Race/Event schedule for the upcoming season
• Event results from the past two years, and/or any Media Exposure you have received (Locally or Nationally)
• Please include a short bio that describes yourself, why you love your sport, why you would be a good ambassador for our company, and whatever else you think is important for us to know about you.


Only qualified applicants will be contacted. Please note that since we receive numerous applications, we need the time to consider everyone, so please do not expect to receive a response for at least a few weeks. Be patient please, and don't think we have overlooked you.

Success! Message received. Thank you for submitting your info. Our athlete support team will review and get back to you if there is an offer. Thanks!

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