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How we started


Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Compression Wraps began out of necessity.  Sports injuries as well as regular injuries happen, taking care of them quickly is important.  Ice therapy has been around forever and is an effective way of reducing swelling and bruising.  But who does it?  No one.  Why - because it is inconvenient and messy.  Now with the Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wrap you eliminate the inconvenience and mess!

Why Arctic Ease?


Because it works! Cryotherapy and compression all in a readily available product, that is with you at all times!  No refrigeration needed! Everyone knows that icing an injury or sprain or bruise is what you need to do, but who actually does it? Who wants to stay completely immobilized with a dripping ice bag and an ace bandage for 20-30 minutes several times a day, all while getting soaked because the bag is wet and is leaking all over you, no one; that’s why no one does it. Compression and cryotherapy as well as no dripping water, and it allows you to still function and move, all while treating and healing your affected area.  A great way for mom and dad to make sure their son or daughter “ices” that tweaked wrist or knee.

“The days of messy ice bags, crazy ace wraps are over. Arctic Ease wraps are so convenient and so much easier to use than other icing methods not to mention you add compression to that mix as well. I use Arctic Ease wraps because they help me recover.”

-Trey Canard

"I use it everyday, last year during outdoors when I had a broken leg, I couldn't get through the day without it.  If I didnt use it I couldn't walk." -Jimmy Albertson

"This Arctic Ease Wrap is pretty amazing! You can take this with you in your gear bag or anywhere else and it will stay cold without a freezer."

-Brett Cue

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